What's next?

The “TIME”


We are currently performing clinical validations in three hospitals in the United States:

The University of Mississippi Medical Centre, University of Alabama at Birmingham and Brandon Regional Hospital, Florida.

*This test has not yet been approved in the United States.


We are in the final steps of developing our product, soon to make it available to the global market. 

If you have questions, are interested in a partnership, or would like more information about The Pockit Sunbeam, please contact us through the email below.




A fast and accurate

blood test for LVO stroke diagnosis. 




The Pockit Sunbeam is the first portable stroke patient screening, as well as the only blood test available for severe stroke diagnosis.

A disruptive solution that does not require trained personnel to interpret results, it just takes a few minutes, and it can be used in the field, where no other diagnostic tool is currently available.

Our clinical validations have shown high diagnostic accuracy performance. We have performed a clinical study in over 150 patients where we achieved 91% sensitivity and 97% specificity for the identification of ischemic stroke patients with large vessel occlusions (LVO).

The Pockit Sunbeam will help to save lives and also it will have a huge economical impact, saving >$250M direct cost to United States healthcare system every year.

For every 15 minutes saved, there is a 3.4% lower chance of disability after a stroke. The Pockit Sunbeam is a blood test that provides with results in less than 10 minutes, helping to identify severe stroke cases faster and more accurately.