Take Action

Take Action.

It’s incredible what the human body and mind can achieve when we live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

At Pockit we want you to live your best life, so we’ve curated a selection of tools and resources to help you improve your lifestyle.


Let’s face it, as human beings we are not designed to lay on a couch all day. The World Stroke Org. Says “1M strokes a year are linked to physical inactivity”.

Make sure you stay active and start exploring the world around you, this can help you getting out there:

You probably didn’t know that 1 in 6 strokes are linked to mental health.

But you should know that living in peace with your mind and consciousness is one of the most fundamental pillars in human life. Yet many of us still don’t give it the attention it needs, we don’t know how to take care of it and in some cases we are even ashamed of it.

Well, here’s the deal: There’s nothing to be ashamed of. We ALL need to take care of our own mental health. You don’t have to be sick, it’s just a thing you do. Here are some tools to help you:

Mental Health


If you have any suggestions on Nutrition, Exercise or Mental Health that you think could fit in our Take Action platform, we would love to hear from you. From mobile apps to books and everything in between, we are looking for tools and resources that can help people to improve their lifestyle and live their best lifes. Please get in touch through the email below with the subject 'Take Action':