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We want you to be healthier. We believe in a healthcare system that empowers the individual, with less reliance on centralised institutions. We believe in medical solutions that allow people to take care of their own health in a more independent way.

Medical innovation, education, and access to medical knowledge are the power tools to achieve this vision.

We envision a world where everyone has control of their own healthcare.

Healthcare is yours.

Pockit was founded in November 2017 in Cambridge, United Kingdom. We are a group of Cambridge students and young entrepreneurs. We have built the first blood test for LVO stroke subtype identification, enabling a faster and more accurate stroke diagnosis that improves treatment and can help clinicians saving lives.

We believe in excellence, bringing products that help clinicians, paramedics and nurses to deliver a better care to patients in more cost-effective ways. As a company, our main duty is to help the decentralisation of healthcare, making tools that are easy to use for anyone. As a brand, we focus on empowering people to live a healthier lifestyle, aiming to reduce stroke impact globally through education and prevention.

Pockit Diagnostics

We envision a healthier future for everyone.

Our team

Chief Executive Officer

Gonzalo Ladreda

Entrepreneur and sport enthusiast.

Hello! I'm a 26 years old self-made entrepreneur. I started my career very early in 2013, as co-founder of Fresh!Clothing, a surf/skate lifestyle brand. Since January 2018, I've been part of the “Accelerate Program” at one of the most prestigious entrepreneurship programs in the United Kingdom at Cambridge Judge Business School. I also work closely with Innovate UK as project director.

My background in marketing and close connection to youth-culture helps me shape Pockit's vision in a disruptive way, aiming to bring a different point of view when it comes to managing a healthcare start-up.

I became really interested in the biotech industry in Cambridge, where I used to spend my summers. My vision is to transform the healthcare industry by developing products and solutions that are easy to use for anyone, helping to decentralise and democratise healthcare.

On a personal level I'm really passionate about sport. I was a semi-pro football referee for almost ten years and currently I enjoy my free time playing for 'Cambridge FC.  I also love the outdoors and action sports, mainly skateboarding and skiing.


Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Edoardo Gaude

Scientist, entrepreneur and rock climber.

Hi, I have a PhD in Oncology from the University of Cambridge (UK) and have been working for 10 years on the discovery of biomarkers for different human diseases. I have a deep passion and a high respect for science, and I have published several research articles in Nature, Cell and other big-shot scientific journals (check out my ORCID profile to learn more). 

My biggest aspiration is to improve medical practice through creative and innovative science. I decided to apply my expertise in the diagnostics field because, even if excellent treatments are available today, many patients remain unrecognised, and therefore untreated. 

I worked two years as a science consultant for diagnostic companies, where my ideas generated several patents for new diagnostic kits, which are now being developed. And then one day, while training at my local climbing gym, I met a stroke clinician who made me realise how better stroke diagnosis could be life-changing for so many people around the world. I am so excited to be tackling such a big challenge in today’s medicine and very proud of how far we have already gotten at Pockit.

During weekends you can probably find me trying to climb some rocks or cooking wholesome meals for my family.


Medical Director

Dr. Joshua Bernstock

Phd at University of Cambridge. Neurosurgeon at Harvard Medical School.

Hi there, nice to e-meet you! I’m Joshua Bernstock, a resident physician (Neurosurgery) at Brigham and Women’s and Boston Children’s Hospitals, specialized in pediatric neurosurgical oncology.

My life is dedicated to translational science and medicine. It is my driving desire to improve outcomes for children with brain tumors by developing and improving novel, targeted therapies. I have diverse medical/surgical knowledge with unique expertise in the repositioning of approved drugs and the development/characterization of novel/experimental immunotherapeutics.

During my career I've contributed to the development and publication of a diverse range of scientific research articles and papers. If you want to learn more, please check out my bibliography of published work.


Advisory Board

Dr. Krista


Consultant Neurologist at West Hertfordshire NHS trust and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery.

Hi, I’m Krista. I have a medicine degree in surgery from Cambridge University as well as a masters in clinical neuroscience. I’m currently working as a consultant neurologist at West Hertfordshire NHS trust and the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery. Outside of medicine, I love exploring other areas that interest me while looking after my young family. I really enjoy studying foreign languages, in particular modern Greek, Spanish, French and most recently Mandarin. In my free time I love being as active as possible, focusing on ballet and pilates classes while also rediscovering my love for playing the piano.

Dr. Toby

Gropen (*)

Professor of Neurology and Director of the UAB Comprehensive Stroke Center.

*Unpaid Scientific Advisor

Hi, I'm the James H. Halsey Jr., MD Endowed Professor of Neurology, Director of the Division of Cerebrovascular Disease, and Director of the UAB Comprehensive Neurovascular and Stroke Center. I also serve as Vice-Chair, Regional Advisory Council, Birmingham Regional Emergency Medical Services System and Co-Chairman, Stroke Operations Committee of the Birmingham Regional Emergency Medical Services System. I've led the New York State Department of Health’s Stroke Center Designation Project in Brooklyn and Queens and served on New York State Stroke Advisory Group. I was Chair of the American Heart Association’s (AHA) New York City Stroke Committee, and served on the AHA’s New York City Board of Directors. Additionally, I was Chairman at The Northeast Cerebrovascular Consortium, which examined regional disparities in stroke care across the northeast and recommended strategies to improve stroke care through system and policy changes based on the stroke systems of care model. I have extensive stroke clinical trial experience, mentored numerous students, residents and fellows and I'm actively studying ways to improve the stroke care system.

Dr. Shashank

Shekhar (*)

Vascular Neurologist at UMMC University Hospital.

*Unpaid Scientific Advisor

Hi all, I'm Dr. Shashank Shekhar MD, MS is a dual ABPN board certified Neurologist with certification in General Neurology and Vascular Neurology (Stroke). I received my medical degree in 2006 from GMCH, Chandigarh, India and later master’s degree (2010) from the University of Helsinki, Finland. Currently, I'm working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Neurology, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, USA. In addition, I serve as site CO-PI for NIH-funded StrokeNet studies. I'm also site PI on two ongoing NIH funded clinical trials. I've published multiple peer-reviewed original articles, reviews and book chapters and presented at numerous international conferences. Through multidisciplinary collaboration, I'm exploring the genetic and biochemical biomarkers that result in the vascular cognitive decline in stroke patients. I as well serve on editorial boards on multiple journals and I'm very active as a peer reviewer for journals and as a scientific blogger for the American Heart and Stroke Association.

Since our early beginning at Pockit, we have made progress on implementing our corporate social and environmental philosophy. Our commitment with society is total and we aim to help others live in a better world. We believe healthcare innovation and science communications are key for people to live longer and to do it in better conditions.

- Gonzalo Ladreda, Chief Executive Officer


Pockit actively collaborates with several research institutions as hospitals or universities. We believe collaboration between public and private organisations is key for the development of new innovations. We have a team of collaborators and advisors who have supported us in the development of our solutions. We highlight here some of our advisors and collaborators


corporate social

and environmental


Launched in September 2015 by the UN, the Sustainable Development Goals aim to end poverty by 2030 while protecting our planet’s environment. As a global and healthcare company, Pockit Diagnostics has a key role to play in this collective effort. Our Corporate Social and environmental philosophy approach allows us to take part in building a sustainable future while promoting the company’s performance and stability.




We want people to learn to take care of their bodies. A healthier society can only be possible by improving people’s lives through self-care. We believe that science communication is king and we want to help people to embrace easy ways to take care of themselves. In order to do that, we are rolling out a new communication strategy focused on stroke prevention. This strategy aims to educate our audience on strokes and inspire/empower them to live a healthier life, by providing access to tools and ressources that can help them take ownership of their lifestyle and healthcare habits.

People want to live longer and they want to do it in better conditions. At Pockit we support global access to healthcare, independent of your geographic location and your social-economic situation. The democratisation of healthcare is needed and our products will help on this duty.

Air pollution and global warming have a significant impact in our society. It does not make sense to live longer if we have to do it in a world that is polluted. We must protect our planet's ecosystem if we want a sustainable society. We are currently exploring several initiatives with the objective of using the power of our business to support environmental projects. More to come on this very soon.

Financing policies

Pockit investors are not related to unsustainable or modern slavery activities. Investors activities are as important as the company actions. Building a better world requires the compromise of all our stakeholders. We only work with investors who share our vision and values.


Pockit embraces a notion of intellectual community enriched and enhanced by diversity along a number of dimensions, including race, ethnicity and national origins, gender and gender identity, sexuality, class and religion. We are especially committed to increasing the representation of those populations that have been historically excluded from participation in executive and management roles. We have the commitment to an inclusive environment.

Privacy policy

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