Pockit solutions:


the Pockit SunBeam.

The first blood test

for stroke diagnosis

For every 15 minutes saved, there is a 3.4% lower chance of disability after a stroke. The ‘Pockit Sunbeam’ is a blood test that provides results in less than 10 minutes, helping to identify LVO stroke cases faster and more accurately.

Pockit healthcare:

90% of all strokes are preventable.

Own your lifestyle

The most effective thing we can all do to reduce the impact of stroke is self care. Our lives have become so busy that we’ve forgotten about loving our mind and bodies. Live your best life by enjoying the benefits of a healthy diet, exercise and mental health.

About Pockit:

We envision a healthier future for everyone.

About us

Pockit is a healthcare company on a mission to reduce the global impact of stroke. Meet our team, ambassadors and discover our journey.

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